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Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018

1 Difference in mean hourly rate of pay    18.7%

Employees, male or female, on similar grades doing similar jobs are paid similar hourly rates of pay. Most of the difference in mean hourly rate reported arises as a result of the distribution of males and females employed throughout the company. The majority of senior management as at the reporting date (employees as at April 2017) were male and this increases the calculated average rate for all male employees. Since the reporting date the composition of senior management has changed and the percentage difference to be reported in 2019 based on employees as at April 2018 is expected to be significantly smaller.

2 Difference in median hourly rates of pay    0.0%

The median male and female employees were paid the same hourly rate.

3 Difference in mean bonus pay    24.4%

As for the difference in mean hourly rate, this percentage partly reflects the distribution of males and females within the subset of employees receiving bonus, but also varies due to the way that bonus is calculated, which in the majority of cases is performance related. Almost all employees receiving bonus are either pub managers, whose bonuses are all calculated using the same formula based on individual pub profitability compared to budget, or senior management, most of which are calculated using a formula based on company profitability, with a discretionary element depending on circumstances. The higher proportion of males in senior management tends to increase the average bonus payable to males.

4 Difference in median bonus pay    40.6%

As for the percentage in section 3 above, the difference arises due to the distribution of calculated bonuses. In this case the difference as a percentage is higher for the median than the mean due in part to the highest individual bonus within the company, by some way, having been received by a female, which increased the mean for females by proportionally more than the median for females.

5 Percentage of employees who received bonus pay     Male 10.0%    Female 4.4%

These percentages arise from the distribution of males and females throughout the company, and the calculations used to arrive at bonuses as explained in section 3 above.

6 Employees by pay quartile                      Male         Female

Upper quartile                                               48.7%       51.3%

Upper middle quartile                                    36.4%       63.6%

Lower middle quartile                                    37.7%       62.3%

Lower quartile                                               45.5%       54.5%

The above percentages do not give a sufficiently clear picture of the gender distribution of senior management referred to in some of the explanations for previous sections. In addition to the quartile percentages shown above, the top decile is approximately 67% male and 33% female.

Simon Duckworth
Managing Director

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